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Broker House Lending is excited to announce our partnership with HOMES FOR HEROES®

As a veteran owned and operated company, we know firsthand that public service workers are often overlooked and underpaid.  Police officers and other law enforcement agents, teachers, veterans, active-duty military, nurses, first responders, and the like deserve special rewards.

 Look no further, because you will receive your Hero reward when you close a loan with Broker House Lending (purchase or refinance).  There is no red tape, you automatically qualify for the Hero reward by nature of your employment in one of these recognized fields.  Furthermore, the reward you receive does NOT affect your home loan.  Your reward is paid in cash (check) at closing.

If that wasn’t enough, you can partner with one of our participating real estate agents and maximize your benefits.  The amount of the reward you receive is based on the size of the loan and / or the purchase price of the house.  So, let us show you how it works:

From a mortgage standpoint, you will receive your reward based on the size of the loan.  Any loan amount under $175,000 you will receive a $300 check and any loan amount above $175,000 you will receive a $500 check from Broker House Lending.  The check is paid at closing or mailed to you in some cases.

From a real estate agent standpoint, the rewards are quite significant.  Essentially, you will receive 25% of the realtor’s commission on the sale of your old home and the purchase of the new home.  The calculation is a bit trickier, but here is an example:

  • Current house sells for $175,000
    • Realtor commission is typically 3% = $5,250
    • You receive 25% of that commission = $1,312.50
  • Purchase a new house for $310,000
    • Realtor commission = $9,300
    • Your reward = $2,325
  • Total reward received from the real estate agent is $3,637.50

The Homes for Heroes program is just another way Broker House Lending can say “Thank You” for your public service.  Also, you will find our mortgage expertise, personal touch, and great pricing is second to none. 

This program has provided MILLIONS of dollars in discounts to homeowners across the country.  To find out more, just click the link below.


Broker House Homes For Heroes