Refinance Mortgage Rates

Contact us for up to date quotes on refinance mortgage rates in Kentucky and Indiana. Here at Broker House Lending we specialize in stream lining the entire refinance process, potentially saving our clients thousands of dollars a year. Call on one of our loan professionals today, your consultation and analysis are provided free of charge. The process is fairly quick and our loan officers can review your situation and advise you on the current best rates available.

Common Benefits of Refinancing a Mortgage

  • Can Potentially lower your payments by thousands a year
  • Turn an interest only loan, into a fully amortized loan
  • Reduce a 30 year mortgage into a shorter term loan
  • Consolidate your debt by refinancing your home
  • Eliminate costly mortgage insurance payments
  • Buy new property with the cash out option
  • Make home improvements with the cash out option
  • Refinancing can turn an adjustable rate loan to a fixed rate loan

Another way to convert equity in your home to cash is a "home equity" loan. A "home equity" loan is an alternative to refinancing if your home loan has a very low rate compared to current interest rates or if you have a prepayment penalty on your loan.

To Refinance You'll Need: